Andrea @14 Highlights 💜

A video featuring a Birthday Celebration with the children at Concordia Children’s Services prepared by family, friends and fans with their sponsors as follow:

© Lavengreen AndRen

© lavengreen (Instagram)


A word from Team LavenGreen / Team AndRen via Instagram to their sponsors, guests, and to the Birthday Girl :


To our team andren donors (you know who you are 😘)
To the representatives who helped during the event.
To Concordia Children’s Services, thank you so much for allowing us to spend this special day with all of you.
To tita Belle and Ms. Edith Farinas 💜
To the birthday girl, thank you so much… you made so many people happy that day and always.


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Andrea’s Birthday Thanks



© Andrea’s Instagram:


🎂 before my birthday ends, let me just say thank you to my extended family and sponsors 😊 thank you Cathy Valencia , Otto shoes, Carelineph , Top O , Vans , Gaoc , Aficionado, Asap family, tita Pinky of Fernandos Cakes , Andren , Brillanators , my family , friends ❤ and to all my Fans and followers who greeted me and making this day more special thank you so much love you all 😘🎂🎉.


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