• Andrea @ 14

    Andrea @ 14

     Click here to view gallery / video via Youtube: Andrea B. celebrating her 14th Birthday together with family, friends, sponsors and fans © @lavengreen (Instagram) © @bryterevents (Instagram)

  • Andrea @14 Highlights 💜

    Andrea @14 Highlights 💜

    A video featuring a Birthday Celebration with the children at Concordia Children’s Services prepared by family, friends and fans with their sponsors as follow: @sweetnessoverload8 @kidspartyhouse @onesweetdayph @arteegram_manila  © Lavengreen AndRen © lavengreen (Instagram)   A word from Team LavenGreen…

  • Andrea’s Birthday Thanks

    Andrea’s Birthday Thanks

          © Andrea’s Instagram: @andreabrillantes 🎂 before my birthday ends, let me just say thank you to my extended family and sponsors 😊 thank you Cathy Valencia , Otto shoes, Carelineph , Top O , Vans , Gaoc…